Tips for Planning an Outdoor Living Space

By Kevin Rohe | November 8, 2016 | Decks & Outdoor Living, Tips

There is more appreciation for the outdoors than you can imagine. Your backyard should be a peaceful, relaxing area to take in nature at its finest.

The following simple steps can make your backyard a sanctuary that you never want to leave.

Parents always want their children to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes playing outdoors. Kids are more likely to enjoy time spent outside when they have their very own backyard.  For this reason, homes with patios and decks sell faster than those that do not.  

Each home offers more than one can imagine to a family. You want your children to have an enjoyable summer vacation to create fond memories. Plan to build your backyard with the whole family using these simple tips.

Indoors and Outdoors

Set up a plan so that no one can tell the boundary of indoors versus outdoors.

A coherent progression from indoors to the patio is a must. The room leading to the backyard should to have the same feel as the backyard itself. The flooring and the decor should be consistent with the atmosphere in the back yard.

Indulge in Comfort

Comfortable furniture is a necessity for outdoors. There are plenty of choices available that are comfortable and modern.

Furniture is often designed to accommodate various weather conditions.  When choosing your furniture, take into account what the weather will be like in your area. Be sure that the weather can withstand weather conditions or that

you have a place to store your outdoor furniture.

Don’t opt for inexpensive decor that is of poor quality. This can ruin the entire look of your patio.  

Show off your Skills

Do-it-yourself projects and ideas are useful for these patios. Expose your talent by creating pathways and stepping stones of your fancy.

A pathway has to have stepping stones to make it complete. You can create these with concrete or any material of your choice. Paint them for a fun, unique look.

Create your stepping stones with your significant other and/or children to make it an enjoyable family activity.

Purposeful Plan

Note the reasons you want the space and how you want it to look.
Take a lead and follow it. List the items you want in your backyard:

  • Cooking station/barbeque pit
  • Wireless speakers with a music system
  • Focal point (small pond, fountain, or statue)
  • Play area for kids
  • Tree house/playhouse
  • Flowers and bushes



Imagine a string of lights on your table with a splendid view of water fountains and plants. What a pleasant evening this would be to spend with the family!

Illumination plays a major role in setting the mood of your surroundings. The focal point of the backyard should be well lit to draw attention to the display.


Ensure Solitude

Screens with scenery are one way to gain privacy in your backyard. An environmentally friendly suggestion is to plant or grow tall bushes and trees to increase privacy in your retreat.

Be sure that you are not disturbing your neighbors with your screens or trees.

Safety equipment should always be available near the stove and barbeque grill, especially with children around.

Use these pointers to create the backyard you have been dreaming of.  When you have your very own private yard, you will be able to enjoy your summers to the fullest.  


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