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By Kevin Rohe | November 1, 2016 | Custom Homes, Tips

From a young age, everyone dreams of having their very own home. You can fulfill this childhood dream and save money at the same time!

Be sure to discuss the plan ahead of time with your other half to sort out what you want and need. List what is a necessity and what is an option.

These tips will help you build your own customized home without emptying your pockets and savings.

Plot and Plan

The first step toward your custom home is registering with a local real estate broker for a decent plot of land. The second is to contact an experienced architect with a good reputation that will work with you on the plan. Be prepared to do extensive research for the first two steps.

Next, apply for any other papers, grants or listings you need before proceeding with the construction.
Study your new neighborhood. Estimate the property taxes, prices, and cost of living. Compare the new expenses with your existing bills.

Builder & Materials

A well-built home with no complications is only possible with a good builder. So, finding a credible builder is the next step. Also using quality materials coinciding with the region you live will cut back on maintenance cost in the future.

Banks, Taxes & Loans

Research a number of different options and banks that provide home loans. Review the interest on each option.


Talk to the builder about the down payment. Calculate the numbers accordingly, and be straightforward with the bank representative.

Negotiation with the bank will get you a discount on your loan interest.

Give your Input

If you have talents in certain areas, show off your talents. If you like building a fence or painting doors, you can do these projects yourself. This will save money, as well as put a personal touch on your dream home.


Communicating with the builder is crucial. One wrong move can create a disaster and be painful on your pocket.

Shop Around and be Eco-friendly

Shop around until you see a reasonable price for all furniture and appliances you will be purchasing for your new home.

“Going green” is the new trend. You can save money on utility bills if you purchase products and appliances that are energy efficient.

Spend sparingly on optional items that are not necessities. But don’t hesitate to splurge on your priorities.

Best time

The best time build your home is during the offseason. You can often hire the work force for a lower price, and they will be focusing their time on your plan since they are not as busy.

Know where to spend your money and where to be frugal. Stick strictly to your original plan.

Moving into your new house can be easy if you schedule the movers ahead of time. This will also make your move more affordable.


Another moving tip is to make friends with your new neighbors. They may even help you move in!

Plan your custom home now and initiate the construction process to fulfill your childhood dream!

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