Five Renovation Tips for your Commercial Space

By Kevin Rohe | October 25, 2016 | Commercial Renovations, Tips

Office space and retail outlets are both categorized as commercial space. Here are some tips for renovating both types of commercial space.

In order to increase business profits the business ideas should be presented as an established and modernized office space. This allows business owners to present ideas within the company before making an impact on clients.
Initially, this renovation process might sound intimidating, even with a seemingly faultless plan. Executing each and every step according to plan is crucial.

Planning & goals

The first objective is to find answers to any questions you may have and to evaluate the expectations of the renovation. Ideas, plans, and input from all viewpoints are important.

Why is the renovation taking place? Do you want to update the commercial space with new technology and installing new systems? Or is your focus on making more space for more customers and updating aesthetics?


Will the space be empty or occupied? Is the space going to be utilized for business while the renovations are under way? Or will the space be empty during the time of transformation?

If the renovations are taking place in an office space that will continue to be used, try to ensure that employees will not be inconvenienced. If the employees deem the renovations as a nuisance, their work productivity may decrease.

If the renovations are taking place in a retail space, make sure the customers feel comfortable while shopping. You don’t want negative ambiance in your business.


Planning the budget is the most important step in any renovation. Determine which bill need to be paid before and which will be paid after.


Planning to renovate a large space can be a difficult task. Employing a few experts who can examine expenses will be beneficial in the long run and can eradicate errors later.

Time and money are the most important things to consider. The work should not come to a standstill during the remodel. Renovations should continue smoothly as planned as close to the original timeline as possible.

Experienced team

A private, hired renovator can handle all of these elements for you. Find an experienced team that can complete the job with ease.


Hire a specialist renovation team to do the job accurately.

Regulations for the commercial space have to be followed accurately. Otherwise, the state law can issue expensive fines and cause inconveniences.

Light & ventilation

Lighting and ventilation are also important aspects when it comes to commercial renovations. Explain to your hired experienced team exactly how you expect your space to look.  Make sure they know the criteria you want them to meet.

Suggestions from employees are very useful. Set up a meeting to discuss their ideas and any input they can offer.

Employees should always be considered while renovating. When working in a well-ventilated space with ambient lighting, employees will feel happier and healthier. This will likely increase the overall atmosphere of the office.

For a retail space the lighting has to be done accordingly with the plot. Bright lights can be appealing to the customers rather than a dim surrounding.

Think ahead

Every successful businessman should plan ahead. The business plan for the subsequent five years should be considered while renovating. Otherwise, repeating the renovation process will not only be difficult and expensive, but it could hinder company performance.

Be straight-forward with the renovation team so they know exactly what you expect. Aim for realistic goals to have successful and practical renovation.

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