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By Kevin Rohe | October 18, 2016 | Bathroom Remodeling

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, there are few helpful hints that you can’t afford to miss. A confined, cramped space with water pipes all over can be complicated to remodel. However, when you take expert advice it becomes a painless and rewarding task.

You can even do the remodeling yourself if you are well-prepared. You don’t want to see an uninviting bathroom every day, so plan accordingly to help avoid any mistakes and enjoy an exquisite, custom bathroom.


Some elements in remodeling take precedence over others. Top priorities in remodeling should include:

⦁    storage space
⦁    spacious bath
⦁    light
⦁    ventilation

All additional items should be assessed only once all the top priorities have been completed.


Create a sketch with your ideas in mind. Take plenty of time to brainstorm your thoughts. Every requirement and preference should be on your sketch in detail.


Every inch of your bathroom counts! Proper use of lighting, ventilation, and mirrors on storage cabinets give the bath a more spacious appearance.

Once your sketch is completed with your requirements and preferences, you will need to determine your remodeling budget. Adjust the sketch accordingly if needed to stay within the expected cost of your plan.

Additional funding

Sometimes, even the most perfectly planned sketch may not go as planned. It is important to have additional funds set aside in the budget for these unforeseen circumstances.

If the remodeling does go as planned and without any glitches, the excess money can be used for additional luxuries.

Trending ideas, skilled labor

Begin your remodel with exactly what you want at the time. The bath can always be updated when you want to change the appearance. By changing accessories, décor, and bath towels, you will give your bathroom a fresh, up to date look.

Before you start the remodeling, be sure to have all necessary equipment and materials.

If you need assistance with the water pipes, contact a skilled plumber to complete the job for you.

Do not attempt to work with water pipes if you do not have sufficient experience!  Be mindful of the quantity of water you are dealing with, both clean and contaminated.

Shopping and selection

Buy fixtures and tops only once you have seen them yourself in person.


Purchasing water-efficient products may be higher on your budget now, but can be beneficial in the long run. They can lower water bills and energy consumption.

If you are planning a bath with no tub, you will have more money to spend on the showers. Determine whether you want one sink or two, as space is especially important if the room is small.

Cutting out unnecessary fixtures can open up the space and make the area more visually appealing.

Long term investment

For items that are used daily, do not be stingy. Materials that are inexpensive also tend to be substandard.

Tiles, for example, are used every day and require frequent cleaning. Choosing large tiles, which will likely be pricy, will make cleaning much easier. The surface cleaning will not be as tedious because there will be fewer grout lines linking the tiles.

Water heaters are a good investment when they come with warranty and efficiency.


Take all possibilities, opportunities, and tips into consideration so you can modernize your bath with less hassle.

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